Countdown to Wales trip

October 6, 2009

My middle son, Max, passed his CBT the day after his 16th birthday, he’s loving the freedom of being out and about on his scooter. We’re now on the countdown to a trip he’s requested to do to Wales!! He’s gonna being riding his scooter, along with a his friend, Rob, also on a scooter, another family friend, Dave, on his Bandit, and me providing the back up vehicle and camping gear that’s gonna be needed for this fun 5 day expedition. Max wants to ride his scooter to Snowdon, climb Snowdon, and ride home again! 🙂 should be great fun! I hope he realises how cold it could be though, we’re planning on starting the trip on 24th October!

We’ve planned a route on google maps, obviously sticking to A and B roads, taking in Leominster for the first night stop, then onto North Wales on the second day, staying on a great forestry commission site we’ve used before in Beddgelert for 2 nights. We’re then planning on heading back on day 4, stopping at the same site in Leominster again, and returning home on day 5.

This trip should be great fun, and I’m sure I’ll have plenty to write about when we get back 🙂


Southern bikers info

May 1, 2009

Information for motorcycle enthusiasts on the south coast of England.

Having searched the internet for various bike related info over the years, sometimes, what you’re looking for can be nigh on impossible to find. I’m hoping that this blog will change that and provide useful information for bikers living in/visiting the region. I’m hoping to create a catalogue of information about enjoyable local ride out routes, bikers cafes/tea bars, recommended local suppliers of bike bits, secondhand gear for sale, and anything else deemed needed.

Pages I have developed so far include General Bike Chat, Local roads enjoyed by motorcycles, Isle of Man TT, Motorcycle gear for sale and Regular meets/rideouts. If you think of anything else which you would find useful then let me know and I’ll endeavour to add it.

I live in Fareham, on the southern tip of the Meon Valley and edge of the South Downs, which, between them, provide some of the best bike roads around. My two yougest sons, Max and Harry, are as mad about bikes as teenage boys come, and it is very rare that we manage to escape for a ride without them on the back. Max grins likes a cheshire cat every time he’s allowed to move one of our bikes for us – something he does regularly for me cos my legs just aren’t long enough on anything but flat ground!! My oldest son, Samuel, is currently living and working in Hastings as an outdoor activity instructor – what a damn shame – fantastic roads to get there to visit 🙂 !

I work as an agency nurse, and spend most of my spare time either enjoying my bike or freezing at various ice rinks around the country watching my 12 year old, Harry, play ice hockey, . For my sins, next season, I’m gonna be managing his U14 team.

I’ve been riding for about 7 years, started off on a CG125, then had a bandit for a while just after I passed my test. My next purchase was a 650 SV, which I have to admit, I thoroughly enjoyed until Steve bought a GSXR1000 and I fell in love with the 750TT limited edition in the local showroom. After a month of trying to be ‘sensible’ and talking myself out of it, I finally gave in and bought the last remaining local one, figuring that as it was still available it must have my name on it!!

Having bought the bike, we just had to go to the TT last year – boys too – what a fantastic time we had! The best holiday ever, during which we covered 1800 miles in 2 weeks, and spent nearly £1000 on fuel between the two of us! Someone asked me the other day if we rode the track – did we !?! – the time to do it is 6.00am every morning – surprising how many of us were mad enough to do it – but still not too many bikes and hardly any cars about at that time – so the mountain could be ridden well. Then of course we had to re-ride it at least twice a day with the boys too.   I hope they appreciate how lucky they are – rare sight locally to see families out enjoying bikes together and even rarer on the IOM.

Hope you find this site useful/interesting, please leave your comments and visit again soon. 🙂 You can also click the link opposite to follow this blog and receive regular updates via facebook, or follow me on twitter – link at bottom of page.